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wedding photography

after having photographed for 10 years, i fell in love with photographing weddings.
i realized weddings combine so many things i love: dinner parties (a wedding is basically a huge dinner party!), wine and cocktails, candlelight, fashionable outfits, meeting new people, senimental speeches (i personally love words), an event that in general brings together people from all ages and of course - LOVE. it feels always an honor to me to get to capture and be involved in a couple's most important and intimate moments.
i'm often asked at weddings whether i'm a friend of the couple, because i love to chat with guests and be present in the day - as if i was a guest. just a guest with a task + a few cameras! 

in my photography i'm committed to capture as artistically ambitious and unique photos as possible in the small, continuously fleeing moments that a wedding holds. i've always had a specific style to my photography, which is a combination of influences from my upbringing: Scandinavian minimalism, Italian warm light, and my love for rich and classic compositions as my childhood's wineyard hill landscapes were at Lake Geneva.

your wedding is a rare and unique occasion to get all your dear ones under the same roof (or on the same roof) and organize a party that includes everything you two love: your favorite aesthetic, your favorite food, and activities you love to do with your loved ones  - be it dancing, going on a boat ride, having a lot of time to talk to them, swimming or running together towards the sunset, if that's what you like to do!
it's your day, do whatever you want! 
the most important thing for me is that you HAVE FUN and enjoy your special day.
while you do that, i will take care of capturing you and the beautiful atmosphere of authentic moments.


i currently work and live half in Italy and half in Finland. i have shot weddings in Finland, Switzerland and France + spontaneous editorials in Italy and NYC. since i'm already constantly on the move, i am happy to travel for your wedding to any of the countries mentioned, or beyond!



i'll get back to you asap!
if your case is urgent you can always text me: +358 45 1219194

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