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a short film  |  3:15  |  2023 

A spoken word piece about obsessive love and feeling unworthy of someone's attention.
Butter, our protagonist, looks on at Honey who is gold, rich and soothing.
For anyone who has felt like Butter and for all the others who will never know that they are Honey.


Screened at:
10/2023     Richard Harris International Film Festival 
11/2023     Ó'Bhéal Poetry Festival  

Honeybutter photo 3 2.jpg

Director:      Saara Vuola
Writer:         Eleanor O'Brien
Starring:      Eleanor O'Brien & Éleonore Chagnard
DOP:           Saara Vuola


Produced and shot at Kino Guarimba film residency in June 2023.

+358 45 1219194

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