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hidden villa in Helsinki


Bokvillan, Helsinki

Some days are just magical. This was one of them. Paula and Paavo's wedding was held in Bokvillan, a hidden old wooden villa in the middle of a residential area in Helsinki. Paula and Paavo are kind, genuine people who love their friends and family: you could see their love for their people from all the extra things they had prepared just to make sure their guests felt welcomed and entertained. During the evening you could also catch the bride serving champagne glasses to her guests and taking photos of them with disposable analogue cameras - actions speak so much of her personality. 

This was actually Paul and Paavo's second time getting married. The first time they got married happened the night they met. They met in a bar, where both were with their own friends. Once their friends discovered that these two have the exact same nickname, they were convinced that the two "Pave"s should get married - right away. So they had a whole fake wedding ceremony in the middle of the bar! 

The day started with Paula getting dressed in her second hand dress and both of theim feeling all the nervousness 10 minutes before the ceremony. The ceremony was held outside, in front of the house, immediately followed by a fancy champagne tower paired with a bingo game that invited people to get to know each others (both of these two ALWAYS a good idea). As dinner they served lebanese food. Each guest's name was embroided on table napkins by hand - I even found my name on my napkin. All flower set ups were made by Paula herself and her bridesmaids, bouquet was by a flower shop Pian Kukka in Punavuori.

Just as you thought the night would be ending, they announced that an open bar in a wine cellar was open! Steps lead down to a small and cozy wine cellar where people could go do their own cocktails with ice cubes and topping them with dried blood orange slices and rose petals. 

ceremony & champagne

evening celebration

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