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full wedding day outdoors in multiple locations at Lake Geneva, Switzerland


Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Séverine and Guillaume love the forest so they organized a wedding ceremony in full nature. They also wanted portraits to be taken in the woods. The wedding day unfolded beautifully as we moved for each part of the day to a new location. There were five different locations in total, all of them were oudoors and overlooking Lake Geneva. The day started with rain but the couple was determined to stick to plan A and have the first look and ceremony outside - and after a while the sky did clear out for their special and unique day. I didn't only get the honor to document the whole day from morning 'til night but I also got to witness how many friends and family members helped at organising the party during the whole weekend. Each chair at the ceremony, held in a remote place in nature, were carried there by the groom, fathers and friends before the wedding. The love of family and friends' couldn't not been felt and seen through the wide collective effort during this weekend. 
On the wedding day, as Séverine was getting ready with her best friends, florist Noémie brang her the bouquet, a bouquet Séverine as a florist herself had dreamed about. After the couple's first look in the woods the guests arrived to a small hill in the middle of old, beautiful trees, one of them benching over the couple as to bless their marriage. At the end of the ceremony, Séverine and Guillaume got surprised by a flashmob dance by all their guests - from children to grandparents everyone had practiced the dance at home, a total surprise to the couple. An aperitive party in a garden nearby followed. After a peaceful and playful portrait session in the woods where Séverine and Guillaume got to enjoy just each others for a moment, dinner could start. Dinner was held in a tent at Domaine de la Vissenche winery's garden. The beautiful view on the lake that opened before us changed from bright to blue to black as night arrived, while inside the tent the winery's own wine was poured and speeches and blessings were given. 

bouquet & florals at all locations: Noémie Chatelain / Galerie Fleurie
table design at dinner: Malika Richard
location at dinner: Domaine de la Vissenche

the celebration

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