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architectural Hotel Rantapuisto


Hotel Rantapuisto, Helsinki

Jasmin and Sakari's wedding was held at Hotel Rantapuisto on a surprisingly hot day at the end of August. Jasmin and Sakari's love for classic and modern Finnish design really showed from their choice of the wedding venue: Hotel Rantapuisto is a uniquely architectural surrounding for a party. Sunflowers from their parent's garden were decorating the tables, delicious dinner was served at the table and it got followed by a champagne tower and Brita cake. Jasmin and Sakari on the other hand are a magestic couple: they really deliver a feeling of dignity wherever they go and are. In guests' speeched it got repeated how fairly and well they treat other people - all in all, they are very good people and for that it was an honor to document their day.
Anywhere you looked, you could see design; guests and bridesmaids were dressed in amazing textiles and pieces of fashion. Family portraits were taken partly on film. 

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